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stop/time dance theater started with a dream. According to founder Darlene Zoller, "Throughout my career, I’d seen wonderful dancers passed over because they weren’t great singers, or they had the wrong hair color, or were too skinny or too curvy or too quiet or too anything! As time moved along, I realized that I had a dream -- a dream in which all dancers are given their due. This dream lead to a show; and that show led to us, a company that truly embodies the term “group effort.” The most precious gift I have received is the unconditional love, dedication and hard work of every person involved. We started as a fledgling company with energy, enthusiasm, an abundance of talent – and here we are 15 years later - we never imagined where it would lead."

stop/time's first production was "my show" which was presented in 2004 in both the Spring and Fall. Darlene immediately got busy and began work on "Remember When..." which was performed in April, 2005. The group's third original production, "Wish You Were Here", debuted in May, 2006. The fourth original production, "L.O.V.E. Radio", made its bow in May, 2007. For the company's fifth anniversary, an office-inspired show made its debut in 2008: "Take This Job And...Dance It". For 2009, an encore performance of the company's first production "my show", was staged in the same venue where it all began: Playhouse on Park in West Hartford, CT. And in many ways, it was new beginning for Darlene and the people who bring you stop/time dance theater.


Darlene became one of the two Artistic Directors of Playhouse On Park and stop/time became the resident dance company. In 2010, they presented "The All-New Super Sensational Singing, Dancing, Comedy stop/time Variety Show" which harkened back to great variety shows like Jackie Gleason and The Carol Burnett Show, complete with TV commercial spoofs. The next year, they were back with "Swing Set", a show with all types of swing dance. In 2012, the troupe presented "Show Stoppers!", a collection of fabulous musical and dance numbers that are audience favorites. On their 10th Anniversary, stop/time looked both back at some of their magical moments as well as forward to the future as they presented "Ten...And Counting". Special guest appearances by alumni performers made the show a reunion. Year eleven saw "I'd Rather Be Dancing", where "heaven can wait" - I've got too much dancing to do! The next year's show: "Digits, Dig It" added up to a great night of entertainment. Lucky year 13 brought "Superstition" a show about all the things you hope won't jinx your chance at good luck.

In year 14, "Rockin' The Forest" wove a fractured fairy tale together with stop/time's brand of music and dance. Now it it's 15th year, a new original production is coming to the stage in March, 2018.

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